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Rehabilitation of Gas Wells

The productivity of a gas wells can decline over time. This can be due to lack of gas, the well collapsing or blockage of the slotted section.

We have identified a number of bacterial colonies that cause a physical barrier to gas being extracted through the well and have developed a cleaning technique to improve the volume capable of being drawn from a well. Results vary by well but some have shown an increase in production from 43m/hr to 153m/hr.

We have a range of specially developed chemicals that are added to the well to remove scale and bacterial build up, these are then worked into the slots by brushing with our ATEX winch before allowing the well to settle to give the reaction time required. The well is then airlifted and cleaned and returned to service, improving yield and revenue from power generation.

We have also re-lined a number of wells for Clients where larger wells are starting to collapse, prolonging the service life of the installation.

gas well rehab